Strata Title Apartment Lighting – Energy Savings on Common Area Lighting

If your strata complex has common areas that operate on extended lighting hours, then the best thing to do for your building in terms of lighting is to convert your current lighting system (which may not currently be efficient and costing cost a lot of money) to a high quality LED lighting system. Rest assured, better and more efficient lighting experience and a cut-down on your utility expenses awaits.

Basically in strata managed complexes, the bulk of energy costs for residential and domestic buildings most times are in common areas (car parks, foyers, fire stairs, corridors, etc). Considering that lighting systems often time account for about 90% of common domestic property energy expenses, you might just be earning a whole lot of savings by upgrading to high quality LED lighting system.

Here are some quick wins!

Very little maintenance cost: considering the durability and extended lifespan of the High Quality LED lighting system, there sure will be a quite significant reduction in the cost of testing, servicing and replacing of failed lighting system after upgrade to the strata title lighting system. This will help to boost your domestic economy as money saved from the reduced maintenance cost of your lighting system can be channeled to other areas of importance.

Increased effectiveness: the fact that the Strata title high quality LED lighting system present a more efficient and effective common area lighting experience for your building as is evident in its durability and longer lifespan as well as in its capacity to illuminate the areas much brighter than your current lighting system. At this point you should be ticking all the boxes when it comes to saving on overheads. After all, you want to offer the best lighting for your complex with minimal ongoing expenses. This factor is a surely added advantage to the lighting system as it helps to guarantee a better quality lighting experience for common areas in your business.

Return on investment: one other benefit of using the strata title lighting system is that it has just about the highest annual savings on electricity and maintenance; it projects the fastest return on investment with a payback period of only one to two years or a few months in some cases.

The benefits of upgrading to the strata title lighting system is quite numerous and cannot really be exhausted at one time.