Retail – LED Lighting

Our Impact

Total Lights Replaced
Annual Energy Savings

Our ongoing work saves our clients $15 million annually from the upgrade of over 270,000 lights.

Our Certifications

NSW Government ESS
Victoria State Government (VEET)
Large Subsidies Available

Being accredited under these schemes reduces your capital investment by giving you access to subsidies. The qualification process also gives you the assurance that we only use high quality, tested solutions.

We understand the issues you are facing.

Increased Competition
Tighter Margins
Rising Energy Costs
Constant Maintenance Costs

What can LED do for your Retail Stores?

A typical retail store* with 30x HID Shop Lights, 10x CFL Round Down Lights, 20x Halogen Downlights & 20x Fluorescent Tubes in the back office will consume:


When upgraded by LED Lighten, the same retail store** will consume:



Increasing light quality = more sales. 

We know you work on slim margins so getting people in the door and buying from the shop makes a huge difference to your bottom line. 

This is a proven way to make more money.

Learn from our customers.

Case Study: Flight Centre Coming Soon

Factory & Warehouse LED Lighting standard inclusions.

5 Year Warranty
80 Percent Energy Savings
Higher Light Quality
Reduce Heat

Retail LED Lighting Square Shop Light

Annual Savings*

Retail LED Lighting Large Downlight

Annual Savings*

Retail LED Lighting Small Downlight

Annual Savings*

Retail LED Lighting Panel

Annual Savings*

*Based on standard factory operating hours and energy rates (28c/kWh, 7 days per week, 9.5 hours per day, 51 weeks per year), using 150W HID Shop Lights, 2x26W CFL Down Lights, 35W Halogen Down Lights & 36W T8 Fluorescent Tubes.

**Upgraded to our 38W Shop Lights, 12W 185mm Down Lights, 11W 90mm Downlights & 36W LED Panels.