Keeping the lights on this Christmas? How your company can focus on saving over the break.

The Christmas season is here, and it’s about time for our environments and suburbs to be lit up with as much as 30% – 50% an increase in Christmas lighting. These novelty lights cost money and consumes a whole lot of energy. Powering the lighting will warrant burning more oil, coal and natural gas which is wasteful, since the lights aren’t that essential, and produces more gas emissions and pollutes the environment. 

As everyone is in the holiday mood and full of celebration, one can change stance and focus on saving lighting and consuming less energy. Traditionally, the holiday season is a time for more energy use but as a company which wants to ride the tides and change the trends on the use of energy during the festive periods, here are ways on saving lighting during the festive periods:


These Christmas lightings are the best replacement for regular Christmas lights, and they are known to consume up to less than 90% energy than standard incandescent lights. They are cheap and more efficient. They offer durability and are safe to use. 


Solar power is another form of energy which can serve as a substitute for our natural form of light energy. Solar serves as a breakthrough in the lighting industry and would be a great option towards saving energy during the festive period. Solar is natural and does not require burning other forms of energy to generate lighting. 

Another highly efficient form of energy that reduces the amount of electricity consumed during the Christmas holiday is the use of fibre optic materials. It is touted to be the ultimate form of energy and very efficient. They make use of a single light bulb found at the bottom of the electric unit to light up whatever they’re placed beneath, reducing energy consumption and saving cost.


This is a cheaper form of lighting up the home which brings along their kind of glow without any added cost to your electricity bill.
Make use of an energy checklist during this festive period. This reason saves your company and business from consuming much electricity than necessary. The list should have every segment of the energy absorbing device in your company so you can monitor their usage and the amount of energy it consumes along with the time it takes to consume such power.

Make use of rechargeable batteries and power strips for your decorations. Rather than having your decorations plugged directly to where it’ll consume a vast amount of energy, why not plug in a power strip which can be used to turn off an appliance when it’s not in use or make use of rechargeable batteries which are cost-effective or even battery powered decorations, which removes the dependence on electricity entirely.


Although holidays are joyous and fun times for us, we must continue to remain conscious of how much energy we consume during this period. To save energy during the festive periods, turn to LED or solar powered forms of energy to keep up your lights up and reduce the power consumed.